woensdag 25 mei 2011

Last steps: iteration06

Last steps we are taking: time is running out...

We are on the good track, it gets better and better, but still some remarks.
Lukas is actually starting to enjoy our loopschip, so that's a good thing.




  • By turning the wheel under the frame, it fits into the lift

  • Lucas still likes the toys!

  • We could really test the chest-support with the foam-parts. This is already quit good, after adjusting the width, he fitted in, almost nicely.

  • We managed to get the people at Zonnebloem and the parents on the same track about the back-piece! Just some large straps and some extra peaces of foam will do!


  • We still need to cover the sharp pieces.

  • The back-part should be stronger, (but also see unexp-pos!)

  • new development: Lucas is not allowed to stand anymore (by the medical doctors in Leuven) because of his hips. The seat should be made high enough so he doesn't stand to much on his legs.

  • It's still difficult to put him in correctly, the upper parts of his chest go in smoothly, but the lower parts and his legs, won't! We need an extra peace to make him sit more to the front (ev. A change of the form of the seat-cushion) the extra piece will be a T-shaped legs-strap.

prototyping parents: iteration05

The first encounter between the parents and the new loopschip.
General conclusion: "We need more time to do this!!!"




  • They like the yellow wheel

  • They are generally happy with the looks

  • Lucas likes the toys on the table! He's happy when we show him how to do it, and he tries himself, he learns fast!

  • The whole is not to big, to fit into the house. There's no need to shorten the frame.


  • The cushions were not finished yet, so it was difficult to really test the position and the seats.

  • He needs a cushion to sit on.

  • We need straps to strap him in!The chest-part was to high for his arms to fit in comfortably.

  • The chest-part was to high for his arms to fit in comfortably.
  • Also his legs didn't fit good. He needs more space between

  • All sharp edges need to be covered,...

  • The parents didn't like the abduction seat. They think it's unnecessary and he cannot walk this way!

  • The father remarked that he would like the looks to resemble his wheelchair, to fit in the image! For example with red skai upholstering,...

  • The parts are to large to fit inside his car-top-box.

first encounter: iteration 04

The first encounter between the prototype and the zonnebloem.
1st remarks: everyone likes the yellow wheel! The shape and the looks are cool, but what about the therapeutic aspects?





  • They like the yellow wheel

  • They are generally enthusiastic about the looks


  • There need to be extra wheels, because of stability

  • the table should be more rigid

  • we need a back support, preferably a rigid one

  • the seat should be stronger! It broke during the test. It should be strong enough to prevent his legs to turn under him (see pics) because this is not good for his hips.

  • all sharp edges should be covered

  • The old chest-part isn't wide enough anymore, we need to widen it!

  • The seat should be more inclined at the sides, because he can only stand in, with his legs in abduction. (see pics)

Things to do for the next iteration:
to do,
  • Make a new chest part (wider!)
  • Make a stronger seat 
  • make a back-piece
  • remove all sharp edges

Making plans: Iteration 03

After the talk with Lukas parents, we had to change our strategy a little. The therapists and the people at zonnebloem didn't know the situation and the demands from the parents that well. So after the talk with the parents, we started over and made up a new strategy.

We realised that the identity aspect is not that important for the parents. It's not the looks of the tool that is the real problem. The real problem is that there is just nothing on the regular market that combines the playfulness of Lukas old loopschip, with the theraputic standards of the tools used at the zonnebloem. All standing-aids are meant for standing, not for playing in. That's why we have to focus on the pleasure aspect from now on. For Lukas, this new loopschip should be fun.
We also have to focus on the convenience-aspect for the parents. It shouldn't be to big, fit in the car, easy to clean,... Convenience is more important than identity!

We also managed to make up a plan for the new Loopschip. The problem will be that the structure in which Lucas has to fit, is so big that it will be virtually impossible (regarding our limited time and resources) to make more than 1 prototype. The first shot will be the right one!

dinsdag 29 maart 2011

Fun Benchmark

By visiting Lukas at home we saw the old 'Loopschip' in action.

The assignment is divided into 2 main aspects : the fun and the therapeutic aspect. At home the fun aspect is very important, but in 'de Zonnebloem' it's the the therapeutic aspect that is the most important. It's up to us to find the right balance.

The 'loopschip' is a DIY hack of an existing baby 'toy'. The Evenflo 'Exersaucer'.

The things Lukas likes the most about it are: the spring system, the rotation, the sounds the toys make.